THE decision by BCP Council to allow and supply e-scooters for use in the conurbation may be a good idea for the users but will be a nightmare for the pedestrians and other users of the pavements.

We already suffer from the inconsiderate cyclists and runners who seem to think they own the pavements and all others have to clear a way for them.

As an active nearly 80-year-old one of my greatest fears is being disabled by one of these inconsiderate pavement users which will only increase once this trial goes ahead.

I for one will make sure I do not put myself at danger and advise all other residents to avoid the pavements of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole if they value their ability to be able to continue to be active in old age.

As a Dorset resident I only hope the 'county' council will not trial and legalise this type of transport in Eastern Dorset.

George Russell