Happy New Year to you all.

Lets really push forward and do exactly what we should to get rid of this alien that is amongst us.

We have to be strict on these rules so we can eliminate it completely.

I do not understand why people have been going away on holiday only to return and isolate and in some cases bring the virus back with them.

We will be going round in circles if we do not take it all seriously.

Its been a long time since I sent a letter to the Echo due to illness but am hoping I will get the treatment I need to get well again.

The hospitals are struggling, businesses are struggling and people are finding it hard to cope.

I think they should keep the university closed and the schools open for exam years only so it is not spreading so much.

A few weeks will soon go and we should look to the future when we can go about in a normal manner.

Take care and keep safe.

Stephanie Vincent