Fr. Pip Martin in his Letter 11/12/20 advised he usually passes over the very frequent letters from Rob (Bob) Readman.

I wonder is it because of, as he commented, Mr Readman’s partisanship including insults, in his letters on Brexit or perhaps like me, he believes Mr Readman has become increasingly tiresome with his one sided, he is always right, views?

His latest December missives on democracy in the EU are yet again selective.

He talks as if member states joined the EU with their eyes closed.

No they did not.

They decided via their elected and mandated Government and, in some cases via a referendum for the people, that the advantages outweigh any disadvantages.

To liken the EU model to the one-party states of China or the Soviet Union/USSR is just frankly ludicrous eg when did expressing contrary opinions in the EU model result in death or jail sentences?

In his December “good neighbour’ letter he is unable to comprehend why Scotland prefers closer integration.

Again, it’s quite simple - they, like the 16 plus million people who voted to Remain in the UK referendum and the 27 member states, prefer the EU model.

The excellent letter from Jeff Williams 30/12/20 “What are we supposed to have gained” provides some of those reasons.

So, I genuinely wish Mr Readman a Happy New Year but, in relation to future letters in 2021, request please he remember the phrase “less is more" and respect people who have a contrary view, as well as providing a better balance.

Mike Hayman