LAST night, we spent our wedding anniversary at a hotel in Bournemouth, which has a popular restaurant attached.

There were at least 10 men in the bar area, clearly not related, together, drinking all evening and having nothing to eat.

They remained there for the whole evening and were sat very close to each other.

I challenged the waiter who said “it’s not up to me, and I want to keep my job”.

How on earth was this even allowed? It would have ruined my evening if we’d made a fuss, but I was appalled at the irresponsible behaviour of the establishment.

At breakfast four of them sat together – again clearly not from the same household.

No wonder this pandemic is not going away if this sort of behaviour is allowed.

Please hotels and restaurants, we know you’re having a really tough time, but it will get worse if you don’t stick to the rules.


Firs Glen Road, West Moors