WITH the new mutant strain of Covid-19 being we are told more transmissible, then efforts should be made to discover why this is so.

As Covid-19 is an airborne virus why is it being spread so easily amongst the population, when the majority of people when entering shops etc wear a mask.

Does a mask give us protection or not? If they do then surely everyone should wear a mask when going outside from their homes.

If say a mask only gives partial protection, then surely social distancing must be the answer to stop the virus spreading.

Sadly, one only has to visit a supermarket to see that local distancing is not being practised in any shape or form.

One suspects the spread of the virus is due to a combination of factors, as probably a mask only gives partial protection.

Lack of proper social distancing is probably another cause, as is probably the interaction of households or people at work.

Schools remaining open have probably been another source of the spread.

A more definitive answer, if one is known, as to how the virus is being spread would pave the way towards sound preventative measures, unfortunately at present though we are been told to adhere to measures, which do not appear to work successfully in containing the virus.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy