AS we approach the end of the year, we want to look back on all the amazing photos that have been shared by members of the Echo Camera Club.

Despite the unprecedented and challenging times faced, all members managed to put a smile on people's faces by sharing creative and remarkable photographs.

Pictures were taken in gardens, local beaches or further afield once lockdown restrictions eased.

So, please enjoy 20 of our members' favourite photographs from this year.

Brian Farley captured this picture of Stair Hole at sunrise in the summer. 

Bournemouth Echo: Stair Hole by Brian Farley Stair Hole by Brian Farley This is John Withey's favourite photo from 2020, taken at Poole Hospital.

He said: "This is my favourite photo of this year, not just for the photo but for the moment it brought me great joy".Bournemouth Echo: John Withey John Withey

Seeing the otters return to Sharon Towning's local river was one of her favourite memories from 2020.

She captured the moment she saw an otter.

Bournemouth Echo: Returning otters by Sharon Towning Returning otters by Sharon Towning

One of Martin Harvey's favourite memories from 2020 was at the end of the first lockdown when people were allowed to meet up outside and 300 people watched The Leggomen in Weymouth.

Bournemouth Echo: The Leggomen at sunset by Martin HarveyThe Leggomen at sunset by Martin Harvey

Mark Lewis Ansell had a close encounter with a squirrel in Bournemouth Gardens last month and decided to share that moment.

Bournemouth Echo: Friendly squirrel by Mark Lewis AnsellFriendly squirrel by Mark Lewis AnsellTo see all of the 20 pictures, click the gallery at the top of the page. 

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