HOW’S this for “Buy one, get one free”?

A factory worker opened his lunch to find two bananas in one peel.

Lewis Ginerva, 31, had noticed the fruit looked especially thick.

“I was on my tea break at work and had quite an unusually large banana in my lunch box packed by my wife,” he said.

“I unpeeled it and to my shock there were two bananas inside one.

“I spoke to the guys at work who told me I should think about keeping it because it might be worth some money, but I was hungry, so I ate it.

“I had a look on Google and saw it was a one in a million.”

Lewis, from Redhill, Bournemouth, said the banana made his day “extraordinary”.

He thought it was going to be another normal day at his work at Sunseeker International, Poole, but the banana gave Lewis and his work mates something to laugh at.

He continued: “I told my wife about the rather large banana, she said it was incredible.

“When I showed the guys at work they said they had never seen a banana that big.

“It definitely filled me up and took time to eat.”

After finishing work, Lewis hurried home to check the rest of the bananas but to his disappointment couldn’t find another one as extraordinary.

He added: “I can’t say anything as incredible as this has happened with food to me before.

“It gave us something to laugh at, especially when everything is so miserable at the moment.

“I went home and checked over the rest of the bananas and I will be keeping my eye out in future.

“I’ll keep looking out because some of them might be worth proper money.

“I should have thought about entering the banana into a competition but it was starting to brown already.”

The banana was bought from Lidl, Lewis said, by his wife Jennifer.

“It has just turned this year right around for me,” he added.