SAY hello to members of the Echo Camera Club's beloved furry friends who are in the spotlight this week.

Missy, 10, a Miniature Schnauzer cross Lhasa Apso loves to play fetch with her ball in her garden, according to owner Connie Leicester.

Cookie, Stephanie Wiseman Galpin's dog, thoroughly enjoys visiting the beach and getting sandy and wet.

Danny Howe's Miniature Schnauzer Ella loves to steal things like socks and run off with them.

Karin Gregory's rescue cat Lily enjoys being out in the garden chasing all the bees and other flying insects.

Splodge, a six-year-old half Lop Ear and half English Self bunny loves cuddles with his owner Krissie Pollitt.

Your terrific tortoises and cuddly cats play an important role in your lives, so we want to place them in the spotlight.

Whether you own a four-legged friend, a brightly-coloured bird or curious cat - our pets are a cherished part of our day to day life.

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