A MOTHER of three from Bournemouth has been praised for saving a man’s life as she kept is airways open for almost half an hour after he suffered a heart attack in the street.

Soreya Kia, from Boscombe, was in Crabton Close Road on the morning of Monday November 23, about to set off on a jog to her mother’s house, when she saw someone waving and asking for help.

As the 36-year-old approached the man dressed in gardening clothes, she could see that, on the ground next to him, another man was clearly in pain and struggling to breathe.

Soreya, who has worked as a trained home care for almost two years, began applying first aid as an ambulance was called.

Ms Kia said: “Having been trained well in my job, I knew exactly what I needed to do, which was take control and act fast.

“I called the emergency services, but I could see the man - Christopher - was deteriorating fast and getting worse. In my mind I went through the procedure of what I had to do.

“I laid him flat on the ground and kept his airway clear at all times, calling his name and making sure he could see me.

“Another passer-by was helping to track his pulse and I monitored his breathing.”

Ms Kia calmly repeated her actions for 21 minutes until the ambulance arrived.

A South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) spokesperson said: “We were called on Monday November 23 at 10.02am, because a man thought he was having a heart attack.

“We sent an ambulance crew to attend the incident on Crabton Close Road, Boscombe.

“They arrived at 10.23am to treat a male patient and convey him to hospital for further care.”

The 65-year-old man was taken to hospital for emergency heart surgery where doctors inserted coronary artery stents to maintain blood flow.

Ms Kia added: “He must have passed out around 10 times before the ambulance arrived. Each time that he did, I had to bring him back around and try and keep him conscious

“It is touch and go but luckily, I managed to keep him coming around.”

“I’ve heard back from the colleague who was with Christopher. It was a definite heart attack and what I did certainly saved his life.

“Caring for people comes naturally to me - I’m so glad I could make a difference.”

Soreya, who is studying for a MVQ3 in health care, has been praised by her employers, Agincare Home Care in Christchurch.

Agincare Home Care Managing Director Luke Holmes added: “We’re very proud of Soreya and how calm and professional she was.

“New care team members complete a three-day training and selection programme, followed by a 12-week induction and training period.

“Our care team members also have the option to develop their skills, knowledge and behaviours through health and social care apprenticeships from Level 2 to 5.

“As Soreya demonstrated, our training really does give you skills for life.”