BCP Council has been working with the organisers of the Christchurch Christmas market to ensure it complies with Covid-19 guidance.

The council is working closely with the market organisers to confirm that they have the correct safety measures in place throughout the event, which is a privately run event on private land at Saxon Square.

The council’s regulatory services and Covid marshals will be monitoring the market to ensure it is operating safely and the organisers will be providing a security team, ensuring everyone complies with the recommended guidance.

Lead Member for BCP Retail Strategy and Christchurch Regeneration, Councillor Nigel Brooks said: "I’m pleased to be supporting this event to ensure there are sufficient safety measures in place to safeguard the visiting public. This event supports Christchurch’s economy during these difficult times, so we need to be certain that it’s run safely and follows all the Covid-19 guidance from government.

"Our connected communities objective strives to empower our communities so everyone feels safe, engaged and included and it’s important that this happens with the Christmas market."

The market has a number of stalls selling festive handmade goods, stocking fillers, street food and groceries.

It runs from Thursday, December 3 until Sunday, December 13.