BOUREMOUTH is one of the easiest places to find a parking spot in the UK, according to research.

All Car Leasing, who analysed the number of registered cars in the UK’s largest towns and cities against the number car parking spaces, found Bournemouth was the fourth easiest place to find a spot.

According to their research, there are 8,756 public parking spaces in the town, and 87,550 registered cars.

This means for every space, there are ten cars.

Southampton was the third easiest place, with 9.1 cars for every space.

The research suggested Birmingham was the hardest place to find a spot.

There were 12,304 parking spaces in Birmingham and 634,260 registered cars, meaning there were 51.5 cars for every parking space.

Norwich was the easiest place to park, with 6.2 cars for every public parking spot.