MANY of the Government's actions on Covid are so nonsensical people find them hard to follow.

Whatever restrictions are lifted or reimposed it is a very worrying time.

Small shops and businesses have been very adversely affected.

They have had to close whilst the multiples and big stores remained open.

There are very many small businesses that do not have a high volume of customers enough to pose a significant risk of Covid 19.

Many small cafes and bars that have been forced to close should have been allowed to stay open.

A lot of them provide a place for lonely and isolated people to go to.

The lock downs and restrictions cannot go on indefinitely.

We need an exit plan because we are getting to the stage where more people will die because of lack of diagnoses and treatment and health care than from Covid 19.

We need to restart the economy as every day that goes by people will lose employment and small businesses close.

There will be record bankruptcies and home repossessions.

There are important matters of civil liberty and freedom.

No one should be coerced to have the vaccine and many people are reasonably perturbed at 'the rush to a vaccine'.

Whilst we need to protect old people we do not have the right to exclude them from relatives and friends.

It is undoubtedly true that many old people have died not from Covid 19 but from lack of human contact.

They have every right to decide if they want to see friends and family and not to be shut away and forgotten.

Many have died alone without loved ones in their final hours.

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