THE founder of hospitality group The Wonky Table said the hospitality sector has been “thrown under a bus” by the announcement of Tier 2 restrictions for Dorset.

It was announced by the government today, November 26, that both BCP and Dorset would be under the new Tier 2.

This means bars and pubs must close, unless operating as a restaurant, and alcohol can only be served with a substantial meal.

And The Wonky Table founder Andy Lennox said: “It is 99 per cent of the country so I can’t really shout at our MPs.

“But our MPs do seem to be starting to fight the good fight.

“Hospitality will rise to the occasion, we are actively talking to BCP about regulations, we will be open for Christmas.

“There will be the rule of six  and household only, that will be on the customers to adhere to rather than the business.”

Yesterday, Mr Lennox said it would be a disaster if the area was put into Tier 2 and said some businesses would have to consider if it was worth opening in Tier 2.

He continued; “It is quite hard to argue because they put the whole of hospitality into Tier 2.

“No, we didn’t expect to be in Tier 2, but it seems we have been thrown under the bus.

“What we are doing, we are lining up the battle grounds. All of our MPs, BCP Council, hospitality are working towards the fact that by December 16 our rate is low enough to be in Tier 1.

“Christmas is gone, Christmas is over. I think the whole of hospitality being in Tier 2 means Christmas is not happening.

“For our industry, a lot of businesses are not going to come out of this without substantial support.

“If we are in Tier 2 in January, February, March then the outlook is very bleak.”