I'm 70 years old and recently in Asda, Castlepoint, I started using one of the scanners.

I always have it in my hand to ensure I use it every time.

I went to the scan and go checkout and was picked for a check of seven items.

I was confident everything was OK.

I was questioned about some wrapping paper. They were on offer three for £3.

Upon checking her scanner, the assistant said I had to have all my shopping re-scanned.

Instead of taking me to a place away from public scrutiny my shopping was taken out in front of other shoppers, who looked at me as though I was a petty thief.

After the scan was done I was told everything had been correctly scanned by me and I was free to go.

Could they not have a place away from the tills where people could go to have rescans done away other shoppers?

Where was the apology?

I had done nothing wrong - my shopping was all scanned.

This is how Asda treat loyal customers, and an elderly one at that.

I contacted Asda about this asking whether they can scan full checks away from where other customers?

They replied to the effect that sometimes people are stopped, they're sorry for the inconvenience.

They did not address my query about doing it in front of other shoppers.

Be aware use these scanners and you may have all your shopping opened out in front of people to be peered at

Irene Anderson

Ashley Heath