MORE than 90 students are in self-isolation and a head teacher is off sick at Bournemouth's Avonbourne Academies.

A spokesman for the Avonbourne Boys' and Girls' Academies in Harewood Avenue confirmed the numbers affected by coronavirus but said many are due to return to class over the coming days.

Head teacher Bradley Nash is off sick but no further details have been given.

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The schools are run by United Learning, who have offered support in his absence from senior staff including two regional directors.

They are Richard Tutt, the former head of Magna Academy in Poole, and Ben Antell, who was the head of Glenmoor and Winton Academies in Bournemouth

A United Learning spokesman told the Daily Echo: "There are a high number of students self-isolating and learning from home at present but these numbers are coming down quickly as they return.

"There are currently over 90 students self-isolating but as of tomorrow, this will reduce to 67 students and will fall further on December 2 when many others come back to school.

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"At all times the school has followed the advice of the medical experts at PHE and has taken their guidance in full. Due to the processes put in place, the school has been able to identify which students have needed to self-isolate and, even though the numbers seem high, they would be far higher if these processes were not in place and working well."

He confirmed Mr Nash is on sick leave and said senior United Learning staff in the area are supporting the school.