FULL marks to BCP Council for the lovely new paths at Whitecliff Park. Not only are they wide and pleasant to walk on, but they provide a fresh and alternative route to the harbourside path which can be hazardous due to inconsiderate cyclists.

Now that the council has demonstrated how well it can improve our outdoor leisure facilities perhaps they would care to return to Branksome Recreation Ground and finish the improvements so proudly displayed on the notice board as being “due for completion in 2018”.

The children’s play area was significantly upgraded at the end of 2018, and since then about half of the dilapidated boundary fencing has been replaced by smart new railings. Some new seating has appeared during recent months, but nothing more.

Sadly, as all local users of this are aware, some of the narrow footpaths at Branksome become impassable during the winter months because of uncontrolled flooding. Trying to avoid the puddles by walking on the adjacent grass is not an alternative due to the ankle-deep mud!

The proposed works for 2018 were to have included “widened and raised footpaths”. These are now more urgently needed than ever if we are to allow space to safely pass by other walkers and joggers, and also to keep our feet (and our dogs) dry and free of mud.

Branksome Recreation Ground is a valued and much cherished local asset, but it needs to be a pleasure to use all year round, not just in the summer months.


Linden Road, Poole