HUNDREDS of anti-lockdown protesters gathered in Bournemouth today to voice their anger over the coronavirus restrictions.

They marched through Bournemouth's Lower Gardens to Pier Approach, many not respecting social distancing rules and few wearing masks.

The protest went ahead despite pleas from Dorset Police who voiced fears the illegal march could put people's health at risk.

Speaking before the event took place, Superintendent Jared Parkin of Dorset Police said: "The right to protest is well established in this country and police forces have a long history of upholding this by policing by consent and ensuring the safety of all those exercising that right.

Three arrested at anti-lockdown protest outside Royal Bournemouth Hospital

"However, in the current lockdown situation Government legislation makes it quite clear that gatherings of more than two people are unlawful.

"Tragically coronavirus is a deadly disease that has taken the life of more than 50,000 people in the UK. Gatherings of more than two people are unlawful under the new coronavirus regulations and I urge people to abide by these laws."

Last week three people were arrested at an anti-lockdown protest outside the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.