BUS services to Turlin Moor were suspended after a brick was hurled through the window of a Morebus vehicle.

The company stopped services last night "in the interests of passenger and driver safety."

An investigation is now under way in the area.

A spokesman for Morebus tweeted last night: "Due to a vehicle having a brick thrown through its window this evening on Turlin Moor, and in the interests of passenger and driver safety, there will be no service for the rest of the evening.

'Feral' youths hurl eggs at bus services on Poole estate

"Passengers should use the Recreation Ground/Lidl stop on the main road."

The incident is not the first time services have had to be stopped in the area.

In September drivers were threatened and had eggs thrown at their vehicles in a night of abuse.

Stone fired from catapult damages bus window in Turlin Moor

Morebus was forced to take action following the repeated anti-social behaviour by groups of youths. The number 8 and 9 services did not serve the area for the rest of the night, with the operator saying the incidents were threatening the safety of staff and vehicles.

A window was also damaged by a stone which was believed to have come from a catapult.