CAMPAIGNERS are set to take to the streets again this weekend to protest against the lockdown restrictions imposed by the government.

Last week, three people were arrested for breaching coronavirus rules at an anti-lockdown demonstration.

The arrests took place at a spontaneous demonstration outside the Royal Bournemouth Hospital at 2.15pm on Saturday November 14.

Another demonstration which was planned outside Bournemouth Town Hall did not take place.

Dorset Police said this was a result of positive action by the force, however protesters said they gave a decoy location.

And Mike Stride, one of the campaigners, didn’t reveal the location of the protest planned for Saturday.

Mr Stride said: “We are demonstrating for our human rights, we will not stand back and allow the elderly to be targeted with do not resuscitate forms, we will not allow mandatory vaccines to be forced in off the back of a virus with a recovery rate of over 99.6 per cent, have people lost their minds?

“We will be holding a demo in Bournemouth on Saturday again. It is a human right to exercise our right to free speech and is more important than ever in these tyrannical times.

“Throughout the last six months we have had a brilliant relationship with Dorset Police, have communicated throughout and only recently have we been put into a corner by fraudulent 'laws and legalisations', passed by a handful of people in parliament. Which is why we had to give the Police a decoy location last Saturday.

“We have pleaded with Dorset Police to allow us to exercise our right to free speech with another peaceful demonstration without fear of it getting ugly, we have had no reply as of yet. The demo will go ahead though.

“We would much rather work with Dorset Police like we have done for the last six months than against them."

After the arrests from last week’s demonstration, superintendent Jared Parkin said: “We are aware that further protests are intended to take place in Dorset again this coming weekend and we are actively engaging with the organisers to prevent them from occurring.

“Our officers will continue to use a ‘four Es’ approach of escalation, where they will engage, explain and encourage people to follow the regulations. Enforcement remains the final option and we will take positive action against individuals in breach of the legislation to prevent the spread of coronavirus.”

Dorset Police said it had nothing further to add.