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The majority of questions surround the Cherries and the coronavirus pandemic - but there are also a number of random popular questions.

Here are the answers to some of the most searched questions about Bournemouth:


Why are AFC Bournemouth called the Cherries?

The Cherries' nickname comes from playing on the site of the Cooper Dean estate which was home to a number of cherry orchards.

Why is the Royal Bournemouth Hospital roof blue?

Bournemouth Echo:

Royal Bournemouth Hospital

A relatively new hospital, the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch hospital was built in 1992 and the blue roof was a signal to the seaside location. 

The blue roofing provides a visually distinctive language for the hospital and is described as being intrinsic to the fabric of the main site.

The stand out roof makes the landmark recognisable to residents and visitors to the town. 

Why is Bournemouth not a city?

Bournemouth was one of 26 towns competing for city status in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, 2012. 

It was the joint most popular choice for city status among the public, according to a YouGov survey, gaining 12 per-cent of public support along with Reading. 

However, Chelmsford, Perth and St Asaph are the three towns that have been awarded the honour.


When will Bournemouth get 5g?

Both Vodafone and EE have announced that parts of Bournemouth will receive 5G by the end of 2020, mostly for the benefit of consumer 5G mobile phones.

When will it snow in Bournemouth? 

Bournemouth Echo:

Surfer on Bournemouth beach (picture Bournemouth Echo)

Bournemouth is not known for getting tonnes of snow and this year one of the most searched questions is whether we can expect any for 2020. 

Although we could not get a definitive answer for the next snowfall, it has been snowing more in the town in recent years. 

Look through some of the most snowy days in Dorset over the years. 


What is Bournemouth famous for?

There are lots of things that make our town famous, most notably our gorgeous sandy beaches and both Bournemouth Pier and Boscombe Pier bringing in hordes of tourism throughout the year.

However, there is more to our town than the beach - we’re well known for our links to Mary Shelley the Frankenstein novelist as well as Russell Coates and his family who donated the iconic museum to the town.

What is Bournemouth University known for?

Bournemouth Echo:

Bournemouth University Talbot Campus

It is particularly renowned for its media courses and BU is recognised as the only Centre for Excellence in Media Practice in the UK.

The university has four main faculties including health and social sciences, management, media and communication plus science and  technology.

What is Bournemouth nightlife like?

One of the most burning questions about our town is what the nightlife is like. 

Bournemouth is well known for its lively and energetic nightlife with more than 50 bars, clubs and restaurants to enjoy throughout the area. 

Our main clubs include Halo, Cameo, The Old Fire Station, The Lost Paradise and Eden. 


How do you pronounce Bournemouth?

How was Bournemouth beach formed? 

Sandy beaches are usually found in bays where the water is shallow and the waves have less energy. As a result, Bournemouth beach has been naturally formed over thousands of years due to its sheltered and shallow coastal landscape. 

All of the sand on the beach is natural however a lot of maintenance goes into the seven miles of beaches. Sand can be moved from one end to the other, most recently in 2013 when 3,500 tonnes of sand from Gordons Cornerwas moved  back westwards towards Boscombe Pier. 

Sand can also be dredged from a licensed area of seabed, for example, to the South East of the Isle of Wight. It is brought by dredger close to the section of beach where it will be deposited. The sand is then pumped through a long pipe on to the beach in Bournemouth. 

How much are beach huts in Bournemouth?

Bournemouth Echo:

Bournemouth beah huts - Photo by Sue Fawcett

There are more than 250 Beach huts available for rental across the seven miles of coast at Bournemouth.

They can be rented daily, weekly or for block periods. The 2020 daily rate starts at £39.00 rising up to £59.00 a day in peak season. Weekly rates vary from £125.00 to £245.00.

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