VERY well said prime minister Boris Johnson, his open letter in the Financial Times Wed 18 Nov : “Now is the time to plan for a green recovery with high-skilled jobs ... helping to make the country cleaner, greener and more beautiful”.

“Imagine Britain with a Green Industrial Revolution. My 10-point plan to get there will mobilise £12bn of government investment”, with top of the list: “One: We will make the UK the Saudi Arabia of wind with enough offshore capacity to power every home by 2030.”

Brilliant prime minister. Exactly. At long last we are serious and we are moving.

UK offshore wind unlimited resources of wind power for centuries to come. A hundred off-shore wind farms then, aggregating energy generation, not a minute of a day without vast output from the turbines.

From Crown Estates and world off-shore industry; “The United Kingdom is one of the best locations for wind power in the world and is considered to be the best in Europe.”

It is then mind numbing beyond belief there are still councillors in BCP – claiming to speak for the conurbation – who are still implacably opposed.

And the reason given, an off-shore wind farm, ten miles out at sea, will somehow, miraculously, with not a scrap of evidence from any offshore wind farm in UK or world-wide, “devastate Bournemouth tourism”.

That is all complete hysterical invention, and a huge tragedy for Dorset.

The wind farm far out on the horizon, far beyond audio range, of no consequence whatsoever to Bournemouth tourism.

We cannot any longer turn out backs on many millions of inward investment, all the jobs for years to come, the heart of the whole project gigawatts of clear sustainable energy into the future.

The call to the PM and cabinet has now to be to re-launch Navitus.

It is working at Rampion wind farm eight miles off-shore Brighton. It will work absolutely fine offshore Dorset.

Of far less impact than twenty 200,000 ton cruise liners currently parked a mile offshore along the Dorset coast.


Jubilee Road, Poole