TESCO has reversed its decision to close floors selling non-essential items.

As reported, Christmas stock like chocolate boxes were put on promotional stands in front of escalators in Tesco stores, including Fleetsbridge and Riverside Avenue.

It prompted customer David Morris to describe the move as “a bit silly”.

However, after backlash to the move, the supermarket giant has reversed its decision.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Our mezzanine levels are now open again for customers in all our stores.”

After the closure of the upper floor in the Fleetsbridge store, Mr Morris said: “They’ve shut it off completely and that is where all the clothes and TVs are.

“I think it’s a bit silly this close to Christmas, people need to buy gifts for Christmas.

“Also say if your toaster was to break, or your TV or your kettle, you’re going to need a new one.

“Things do break and where are you going to get a new one?”

He added: “If it’s the government regulations then so be it, but I don’t agree with the restrictions on non-essential items.”

Another customer branded the move “ridiculous” and said the store had gone “over the top”.