A 12-year-old from Gillingham has been fundraising for Just Like Us, the charity for LGBT+ young people, by designing and creating frog pins to sell online.

Phoebe Day first had the idea for making the pins at the beginning of September, when it became clear that she wouldn’t be returning to school.

She continued home-schooling with her mum Alison Day, a secondary-turned-primary school teacher who is shielding as she is having treatment for breast cancer.

Alison said: "We were originally told to shield as I have a rare autoimmune disease called Dermatomyositis, the treatment for which put me in to the clinically extremely vulnerable group. Then on September 1 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been having chemotherapy, which will continue until February, before an operation and possible radiotherapy.

"This means that I have very low immunity so we made the decision to shield as a family."

During this time was when Phoebe's creative juices started flowing and she was inspired to create her frog pins.

Phoebe said: "Frogs are one of my favourite things to draw and the shape was simple and good for clay pins. I wanted to include a rainbow Love is Love pin in the range because I knew they would look cute. They have been my most popular pin, along with the Breast Cancer Support pin."

When researching LGBT+ charities to support, Phoebe discovered Just Like Us and chose the charity as it focuses on helping young people in education.

Phoebe said: "I think it is important to normalise that people have different sexualities and genders within schools so that you learn to treat everyone the same, now and in the future."

In the first two weeks since Phoebe launched her online shop, her charity pins have raised £230, with donations being split between Just Like Us and four other charities.

Alison said: "I was delighted that Phoebe was able to raise so much money for her chosen charities from her pins. Phoebe has done all of this herself. She designed the pins, made them all, set up the Etsy Shop. I am so proud that she chose to include Just Like Us.

"Their work helping educators to set up Pride Groups in school, helping run School Diversity Week and their Ambassador Programme is vital in supporting LGBT+ young people. LGBT+ young people need to know that they are supported in every aspect of their lives and school is such a big part of their day to day lives."

To purchase a pin for Phoebe and to support her chosen charities, search for 'thelittlegreenclover' on Etsy or click here.