WHAT a relief that ‘yellow face’ has been defeated. I do not have a good word to say for the man. As Trump’s own discredited lawyer, Michael Cohen (the fixer for nine years up to 2016 ) said, Trump is a racist, conman and cheat.

His life story says it all. But how could so many American voters in 2016 be conned into electing such a poorly educated, fascist madman and how was he selected by the Republican Party? Remember the intravenous disinfectant story.

Four years of Presidency have been wasted for what? The ego of a bullying, racist narcissist? Four years of progress on global warming, for the sake of a massive ego which cannot be satisfied.

I think Biden will be a great unifier for a deeply divided nation and a great President. He knows everyone and is highly respected. It is lovely to listen to the more traditional tones of an articulate, well educated and experienced politician. I am very excited for the US and the world.

Democracy was at a cliff edge under Trump. The American electoral system requires root and branch reform if it is to avoid a repeat of this presidential debacle and prevent the coming into power of thoroughly dangerous candidates, not on merit, but how wealthy they are supposed to be.

However, the people of America have now selected a great President-elect and his unifying approach, will achieve so much, bringing both parties together. He will surround himself with good quality people like Senator Coons and others and not spend his time, like Trump, firing members of his team at a whim.

And as for the aftermath of the election, Trump has allowed power to go to his head and his family. He cannot let go of power. He craves for it and puts the nation at risk as a result. Biden has been denied access to security briefings and other important documents.

Trump is behaving like a spoilt child. There is talk that he might even pardon himself. For his sake he needs to, because he will be fighting so many court cases, without any presidential immunity to protect him.

That will be the time when half of America will wake up to how they were conned so badly. They all fed his massive ego and all because of the failings of an electoral system, which requires urgent reform.

Let us hope that Trump leaves the White House peacefully, although I have to say that I would love to see him escorted off the premises by the marines and unceremoniously bundled into the back of a helicopter.

Good riddance Mr Trump.


Poole Road, Branksome