I WOULD be interested to hear what your readers would think of a boardwalk to double the space for cycling and walking along the coast of BCP area?

I make it £5 million, to get people out of cars and onto bikes from Hengistbury Head to Sandbanks.

Other people may have researched this more thoroughly in the past and have a lot to offer.

What has changed this year is that money can now be legally spent on cycling and walking out of the regular transport budget instead of having to scrabble around for scraps to make piecemeal improvements with almost nothing joined up.

Central government confirmed in July that the duty of a local authority to keep traffic moving, the “Network Management Obligation”, includes cycling and walking.

£5m is a drop in the ocean from the transport budget, and reducing our local road maintenance bill from damage caused by cars benefits everyone.

A boardwalk would also provide more protection against the shifting sands that blow up over the promenades and have to be cleared off, as it has space underneath it.

Pugs and French bulldogs are very popular locally.

They already have a tendency to breathing problems, so improving areas away from traffic fume filled roads, so they have more space to be walked, should go down very well with owners.

To me, the clifftops are the obvious place to prioritise cycling, easier to cross roads, quieter, lots more visitors arriving for the hotels and beaches without clogging up the roads, improved property values around the cliffs, etc but that needs a bigger information campaign than I can manage at the moment.

Google cycling boardwalk Chester – shows how well this can work.

Susan Stockwell Britannia Road, Poole