A GROUP of protesters gathered to voice their opposition to the second lockdown once again at the weekend.

Despite the driving rain, the group gathered both in front of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in Castle Lane East on Saturday, with rallying speeches delivered via a megaphone.

Prior to the event, the police said they were liaising with the organisers in a bid to prevent it from taking place.

However the group went ahead regardless, with banners decrying the deaths of non-Covid patients as a result of delays caused by the crisis.

A member of the group, Mike Stride, said: “After what we believe to be illegal restrictions made on protestors, we felt we had to use an element of cover for our latest event to go ahead.

“We are being systematically stripped of our human rights, in basic law it states – ‘if the decision-making process behind any restrictions was unsatisfactory. For example, if false or assumed information was factored into the decision making’ you can challenge these rules.

“We believe this to be the case, we are exercising our right to free speech.

“Yesterday was a candle lit vigil for all the victims that haven’t been publicised, all the victims that are left neglected under the guise of Covid, why doesn’t anyone report this?”

Stand Up South Somerset and Dorset said it wants to question the mainstream narrative of the Covid-19 virus and encourage people to meet and participate in peaceful rallies.

Earlier this month the group held a protest outside the town hall.

There, a protester said: “Most of the people here are just fed up with how the country is being run at the moment.

“People are here because they are concerned about their livelihoods, their jobs, their family and their mental health.”

Dorset Police said today that they had successfully prevented a protest at the town hall, and made arrests at the hospital site.

A spokesman said: "The planned protest at Bournemouth Town Hall on Saturday, November 14, did not take place as a result of positive action by Dorset Police, which included cordoning off the area and issuing warning notices under The Heath Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations 2020 to prevent people from attending or gathering.

"At 2.15pm the same day we received reports of a spontaneous demonstration taking place outside the Royal Bournemouth Hospital. Officers attended and the group were dispersed.

"Further warning notices were issued and three people were arrested on suspicion of breach of the coronavirus regulations.

"Two people were de-arrested at the scene and will be reported for offences under the coronavirus regulations.

"A 52-year-old woman from Ringwood in Hampshire has been released under investigation while enquiries continue."