A DETERMINED couple refused to let the second coronavirus lockdown stop their wedding and travelled 400 miles at the drop of a hat to finally tie the knot.

Ami Glass and Kamron Arasteh, who live in Parkstone, were due to marry at Ellingham Hall, 40 miles north of Newcastle, on Saturday November 7.

But after prime minister Boris Johnson announced the UK would be plunged into a second national lockdown, the couple acted quickly to ensure they could still tie the knot.

Ami, 29, a marketing executive, said: “We got engaged last September and we decided to get married up north where I am from.

“We wanted 130 guests, then it went down to 30 and we thought we could have the main people, then 15 which was just family, we weren’t even going to have a best man.

“Obviously Boris’s announcement was on the Saturday and we were so gutted, it was a week before our wedding was going ahead.”

Ami said the couple ordered a Pizza Hut to “numb the pain” and started to think about what they could do.

They decided to bring the wedding forward to November 4, called the registry office who were able to move the date and also Ellingham Hall who were happy to accommodate.

Ami continued: “Through some stroke of luck every single supplier was able to come to the wedding and we married on November 4.

“Unfortunately, my auntie couldn’t which meant we could have the best man along.

“The wedding went so well, everything was just flawless, the team at Ellingham made it run like clockwork.

“We were not allowed to dance because of the restrictions so we had a string trio come along who played the most beautiful music.

“We played Mr and Mrs and the hall put on a movie night for us at the end of the night.”

Ami said she and Kamron, a project manager for Kingfisher IT, plan to have a honeymoon when restrictions allow, and hope to drive through Italy.

David Fordham-Scott, general manager at Ellingham Hall, said: “We were overjoyed we were able to facilitate the wedding.

“The only issue we had was because the arrival was initially on the Friday, we sanded down the floor because we wanted to hall to be perfect.

“I phoned the maintenance team and they worked through the night to make sure the floor was perfect, it was a real team effort, everyone went that little bit extra.

“It was my first wedding, and I am never going to forget that wedding.”