A FINANCE company has won a £15million leasing contract to supply trucks and trailers to a supermarket ahead of an unprecedented peak in Christmas shopping.

Dawsongroup said it was helping logistics and material handling companies temporarily expand ready for a seasonal online shopping spree.

The Ringwood-based company said the major contract with an unnamed supermarket was one of its products to help businesses respond to demand while maintaining the capital to see them through the coronavirus crisis.

Kevin Wills, commercial director of Dawsongroup Finance, said: “After a turbulent year, this Christmas trading period is more important than ever for businesses. We want people to get in touch with us now to discuss the options we have available to help them be prepared, whether that is just with a temporary uplift in their delivery capacity or longer-term improvements to their logistics chain.

“It might be new trucks, cold stores, or the latest material handling technology to ensure their warehouses keep running at optimum capacity. We can help businesses get what they need, and guide them through a range of innovative financing options and approaches which they may not otherwise have considered.”

The company said it had seen “impressive” financial figures this year, with some sectors seeing year-on-year growth of up to 15 per cent.

It put the success down to businesses investing in recovery and expanding their fleets without risking large capital outlay.

The company has doubled its headcount after a recruitment drive and has launched a new website.

Mr Wills said: “The work we’ve done this year, and the support we’ve been able to offer businesses big and small, is testament to the quality of what we do.

“We are proud to come through for businesses in the UK, and give them the finance options they need to weather tough times and ensure their businesses are ready to embrace the opportunities they need to thrive.”

The company is part of Dawsongroup PLC, which employs more than 1,000 people in eight business units, and has been working with group colleagues to help supply assets including vans, trucks, trailers, ambulances, buses and coaches, forklifts, sweepers and temporary storage units.