CHRISTMAS has come early to households across Dorset – and some residents have already had their trees up since September.

In a bid to bring some must-needed cheer to 2020, householders are already rocking around their Christmas trees.

Despite 34 days to go until the big day, many have told the Daily Echo they have given their homes a festive makeover to cheer themselves up.

Bournemouth Echo:

Caz Jeans' Christmas tree

Caz Jeans said she had given her home a festive makeover in September with others following her lead in October.

Dozens of people have shared pictures of the Christmas trees, lights and sparkly decorations and traditional trinkets in their homes on the Bournemouth Echo’s Facebook page.

Many told the Daily Echo they decked the halls to spread joy to their children, family and neighbours during what has been an unprecedented and turbulent year.

One commenter said: “Don’t usually but my kids are over the moon. Why not when the world is already upside down.”

Rhianna Nippard said: “I'm not ashamed or bothered by those that want to put people down for it. It's my living room, you lot don't have to come round and see it so let me and my daughter enjoy it.”

Sian Hillman, who put her tree up on November 9, said: “2020 NEEDS an early Christmas.”

Others said they had simply left their outdoor Christmas lights up since last year and were switching them on to light up their neighbours’ lives during the second lockdown.

Bournemouth Echo:

Helen Taylor's Christmas tree 

Helen Taylor said: “Needed to cheer ourselves up with all that is happening in the world, so my daughter Holly and I put them up Sunday.”

Michelle Matthews said: “We figured it's been a challenging year and with myself working in hospitality, it will be all systems go once we open back up for Christmas, fingers crossed, so need to enjoy it at home before the mad rush.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Michelle Matthews' Christmas tree 

Alla Kudrjavceva said: “Can't wait for Christmas, this year was awful, Christmas tree make me happy and forget about what's happening around.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Alla Kudrjavceva's Christmas tree 

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