‘CAR is king’ must surely now be the strap line for the new Conservative administration running the town.

With a golden opportunity to implement a well thought out and environmentally friendly scheme at the Lansdowne they have once again backtracked and given into to the car lobby just because of the potential of more traffic on neighbouring and surrounding roads.

Never mind the wonderful new pedestrian friendly scheme that would have benefited thousands of workers, residents and students who live in the area.

I remember the doom mongers who predicted traffic chaos when the Square was pedestrianised. Similar scare stories were spread when Meyrick Park Drive and the road through Kings Park were closed to traffic a few years back. Then there was the closing of Boscombe High Street which was going to cause havoc. Of course nothing of the sort happened.

The towns leaders at the time were brave enough to go ahead and implement these various road closures for the benefit of the residents and the environment and the town is much better for it.

This administration talks the talk when it comes to global warming, the environment and climate change but when it comes to the tough decisions that are needed to make the necessary changes they run a mile for fear of upsetting the motorist.


Maxwell Road, Bournemouth