WAITING for a bus earlier this week at the junction of Poole Road with St Michael’s roundabout, I narrowly escaped injury when a moron on one of those increasingly common silent menaces, an electric scooter, came flying along the pavement at high speed.

Making no attempt to slow down, it tried to pass between me and the bus shelter – forcing me to step into the road into the path of a car, the driver of which was thankfully very much alert.

The scooter ‘driver’, who, surprise, surprise, was wearing headphones, was obviously well aware of what had happened as he glanced back before careering across the roundabout with complete disregard for other traffic.

Later the same day I observed two more electric scooters, again at high speed come hurtling down the hill from Horseshoe Common, weaving in and out of the crowds on the pedestrianised area of Christchurch Road and disappearing into the busy Square.

How long will it be before the authorities take drastic action to ban these silent menaces from pavements and pedestrian areas – making them subject to the same laws that govern all other motorised, including compulsory registration, licensing and insurance.

Needless to say, I will not be holding my breath.


READMAN Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth