He is behind the stunning sculptures on display at Dorset's beautiful Sculpture by the Lakes, and now you can showcase your very own Simon Gudgeon piece in your own home.

The internationally renowned sculptor whose work is exhibited across the globe, has turned his attention to a new collection of "beautiful, functional and affordable" fine art for the garden.

Studio Gudgeon offers a range of outdoor objects, including seating, gates and garden objects such as ‘bug hotels’ and bird feeder stands, which combine beauty and functionality. Simon is also working on swings and tree guards as he expands the range going forward.

Having been been designing these for many years for his sculpture park, he has now made them available to the public through Studio Gudgeon.

Bournemouth Echo:

Pieces available now include delicate metal gates with cut out motifs of leaves or recurring organic patterns, Portland stone benches, and bug hotels in steel and wood. Simon’s hanging seats range from the magnificent Teepee, which would comfortably fit a family of four on its circular seating platform suspended beneath an imposing teepee-like frame, to the elegant globe-shaped Gaia Seat for one.

Considered to be one of Britain's leading contemporary sculptors, Simon has a signature, smooth-style that concentrates both spirit and nature. He is known for his minimalist, semi-abstract large-scale sculptures depicting the movement and emotion of a moment, captured with a visual harmony.

Simon's works feature in the collections of three generations of the Royal Family and are on display at many high-profile public spaces around the world, including Kew Gardens and Hyde Park.

While his sculptures fetch up to £300.000, Simon’s Studio Gudgeon collection has a broader appeal, with pieces starting from £145 for a bird feeder stand, offering art-lovers a more affordable option for the domestic garden.

Bournemouth Echo:

"I am thrilled to be launching this new collection, which has been many years in the imagining and creation," says Simon, who believes there is increasingly a role for sculpture that goes beyond the merely decorative.

"I am firmly of the belief that just because an item has a practical use or serves a function, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be beautiful.

‘Our gardens are such a source of joy in our lives. We devote endless energy to their creation and upkeep and spend hours enjoying them with family and friends. Yet all too often some of the most prominent features, such as gates and seating, add nothing to their setting, or even detract from it.

"I wanted to create pieces for the garden which will elevate the space, and uplift the senses."

The project has been inspired by Simon’s work over the past few years creating functional pieces for Sculpture by the Lakes, the stunning 26-acre sculpture park and gardens at Pallington Lakes which surround his Dorset home and act as the largest collection of Simon's indoor and outdoor sculptures.

Bournemouth Echo:

In his endeavour to transform this space into a work of art in its own right he has crafted by hand everything from seating to fencing, plant supports to covered walkways, mastering new techniques and skills along the way. It is this element of his work he now wants to share.

“I have applied all my thought, creativity, skill, and care to these functional pieces, as I do with everything I create," adds Simon.

"These are sculptures with a purpose. Art you can touch, use, sit on, and live with. To me, that is incredibly exciting.

“These pieces are the antithesis of throw-away garden structures and furniture; I hope they will continue to bring joy year after year, generation after generation.”