PUBS and bars across Bournemouth were full to the brim with customers as punters ventured out to the town for one last night out before lockdown.

Wetherspoons pubs across the town, including The Moon in the Square near Bournemouth Lower Gardens, Christopher Creeks on Lansdowne and The Parkstone and Heatherlands in Winton were seen with queues of people bearing the cold to grab a drink.

Halo nighclub was also open for a private function for 150 people.

Many of the central bars, such as The Slug and Lettuce on Richmond Hill and Sixty Million Postcards, were fully booked with small groups enjoying their last night of ‘freedom’ before lockdown.

Waitress Ellie White, who was out celebrating her 21st birthday tonight, said: “I have had an amazing night, we have been to Aruba and Slug and Lettuce and it has been really good.

“There are lots of students out tonight and they have all been very respectful.

Bournemouth Echo:

“Me and my friends had made plans for my birthday for Friday but after Boris’ announcement ion the weekend, we had to scrap it and make some last-minute reservations for tonight.

“I wanted to have a house party but obviously that wasn’t possible. So, we have organised this little night out and bright along my close friends and it have been a really good night.”

Those without winter coats were kept warm with beer jackets and small groups of people were seen walking from pub to pub in order to find spare tables.

Bournemouth Echo:

A Bournemouth resident added: “We just wanted to have one last proper blow out before lockdown kicks in.

“We struggled to get a booking anywhere because everywhere is pretty much full.

“People are going for it tonight because most of them won’t be able to see their mates for four weeks, probably longer.”

The majority of security guards in the town were surprised at the behaviour of residents, having reported no issues even though some customers were seen to be overly enjoying their night.

Bournemouth Echo:

A security guard at The Slug and Lettuce in Bournemouth said: “Everyone is in pretty high spirits; some are getting pretty tipsy, but they are all still wearing their masks and abiding by the rules.

“It has been running smoothly since they have reopened. The first week was a bit interesting but people were still getting their heads around the rules then.

“It is a shame for Slug and Lettuce and Stonegate as well as punters that it has to come to an end so soon after the last lockdown, but it has to be done.

“I reckon that when December 2 comes around, they will ask pubs and bard to stay closed a little longer.”

Bournemouth Echo:

However, some security personnel were concerned of the lack of police presence in the area, as they expect people to continue their night out after bars and pubs close.

A security guard at Lost Paradise said: “It is pretty busy in there; staff are rushed off their feet but they are coping with it.

“The issue will be later on when pubs and bars close and people start to spill out onto the street.”