A DORSET man is walking 104 miles from his home to Westminster to hand in a petition and raise awareness for ADHD.

It takes an average of 104 weeks to get a diagnoses of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in England, something that George Sharpe wants MPs to act on.

He has lodged a petition to review and fund improved diagnoses and treatment of ADHD.

George is a reporter for Greatest Hits Dorset. He was diagnosed as a child, but that isn't the case for many, who go through years of misdiagnosis and waiting lists.

George will started his walk from Dorset on October 31, the final day of ADHD Awareness Month. Each Saturday he will complete a stretch of the walk, alongside other people who have ADHD.

It marks the start of an on-air and social media campaign called #ADHD104, drawing attention to the long diagnostic waiting times people with ADHD can face.

George said: "Having a diagnosis of ADHD can mean a world of difference to anyone who has the condition. It means that I, and those around me, can understand the way my brain works and offer help when I need it.

"I was incredibly lucky to have a mother who spotted my condition and fought for a diagnosis when I was a child.

“Other people don't have that privilege and may go through years of low self-esteem and misdiagnosis before they even consider that they might have ADHD. Then, they have the long wait for a diagnosis.

"Spotting it sooner could support people to lead happy work lives and less stressful home-lives.

"That's why I'm walking 104 miles - to speak out for those who are waiting for a diagnosis, and those who may not have ever considered they have the condition."

Dr Tony Lloyd, CEO of The Neurodiversity Charity said: “The experience of many adults across the UK is that they have to wait such a long time to access an NHS appointment for a diagnosis of ADHD.

“We need to raise awareness and understanding of how undiagnosed and unmanaged ADHD can negatively impact on a person’s health and livelihood. We wish George every success with his campaign.”

George expects to arrive in Westminster in early December, subject to coronavirus restrictions.

You can view the petition at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/552719