AN MP said he would vote against a second national lockdown and feared the government was “panicking”.

Sir Robert Syms, MP for Poole, responded to reports Boris Johnson might announce a second national lockdown in the coming days.

He told the Daily Echo: “I suspect if they move towards a lockdown it will be a lighter lockdown.

“Personally if it came to a vote I would vote against it.

“At the moment we have had the rule of six, we have yet seen if that has reduced infections.

“The tier system has only been in place for a few weeks, I fear the government is panicking.”

According to a report by The Times newspaper, Boris Johnson will announce the new measures at a press conference on Monday, November 2. The move could see everything closed except essential shops and educational settings.

Sir Robert continued: “If you look at what is going on in Europe, everybody goes to work, goes to school, shops are open, possibly a closure of hospitality.

“It is highly unlikely they will shut down all the shops as that’s millions of workers unable to work.”

Sir Robert said there was a cabinet call scheduled for today as MPs weren’t told about the potential new restrictions.

Conversely, MP for North Dorset Simon Hoare, said he would back the new measures prime minister Boris Johnson may introduce.

Mr Hoare tweeted: “The Dorset county Covid data is concerning. We can’t see NHS implode with usual seasonal pressures and Covid.

“Of course there are consequences to a new lockdown but these can be mitigated. It’s a balanced judgment but right to act. Boris Johnson has my full support on this.”