IS THERE any real chance that someone, somewhere would invest in Burley retail.

The village centre has a number of empty shops and more to the point, the one time supermarket, ought to returned to its former use.

The Co-Op in Bransgore is now closed until next March. If Burley had its own supermarket, that would have clearly benefited.

Obviously the owners of The Mall have any final say but to me, there is scope to revert back to one large retail unit. Possibly even expanding, as there is some extra space.

The one time Post Office stands empty.

The Odd Spot appears to be vacant.

As a lad, I remember Burley was so good you almost did not need to go elsewhere. If you did, there were ample bus services.

There are two supermarkets in Brockenhurst. Possibly a new Co-Op in Sway.

Burley has one of the busiest through roads and yet, is overlooked.

I do appreciate that the owners of Shappen Stores took on a Post Office counter, the sale of newspapers etc. But the shop itself is small.

Under the present Covid rules, they can only allow three customers in at any one time.

Should this letter be published. Perhaps it might just, sow the seed, to an investor. Or, trader.