A MAN who “almost lost control” of the Audi he was at the wheel of in Poole has been banned from the roads.

Daniel John Osborne was driving the Audi A3 in Wimborne Road on July 18 when he was witnessed careering onto the pavement, travelling “recklessly” and going “too fast” over a mini roundabout directly towards a police vehicle.

Dorset Police’s No Excuse team reported that he nearly collided with their vehicle while driving past Poole Police Station. Osborne also went over two pedestrian crossings at speeds well above the 30mph limit.

Footage of the 31-year-old’s driving has been shared on social media by police.

A spokesperson for the team said: “On July 18 a driver almost lost control of his Audi on Wimborne Road Poole. He nearly collided with us whilst driving past Poole Police station and over two pedestrian crossings at speed (well above the 30MPH limit) before stopping for a takeaway.

“You can now view the footage for yourself, as on Monday he was fined and disqualified at court for nine months.

“Please consider (not captured on the recording), when we first witnessed this car it was on the pavement to our right, out of control, being driven recklessly and too fast over a mini roundabout towards us.

“When we went to speak to the driver about this a few days later, he didn’t want to talk to us and made off on foot.

“We had to use our irritant spray to try and calm him down. The car wasn’t insured then or on July 18 so it was seized. The driver was soon located at his home address, arrested, interviewed and charged. He should have attended court on the October 15 however he never showed up.

“So we went looking for him on Sunday, after another short foot chase, he was detained and spent the night in a cell to ensure he attended court.”

Appearing at Poole Magistrates’ Court on October 26, Osborne, of Labrador Drive, Poole, admitted charges of driving without due car and attention, resisting a police constable in the execution of his duty, two counts of driving without insurance and one of failing to surrender to custody having been released on bail.

The defendant was handed a nine-month driving ban, along with a £450 fine and orders to pay a £70 surcharge and £85 costs.