DORSET hospitals were caring for 85 patients with coronavirus according to the latest update provided by NHS England with 59 new Covid-19 admissions and diagnoses recorded over a seven-day period.

As of Tuesday, October 27, University Hospitals Dorset (UHD) had 74 beds occupied by confirmed Covid-19 patients. Four mechanical ventilation beds were occupied by people with coronavirus.

Dorset Healthcare sites had seven beds overall occupied by coronavirus patients and Dorset County Hospital had four.

The weekly data release issued on Thursday, October 29, breaks down the number of people admitted to hospital for the first time with coronavirus, plus the number of patients diagnosed while in hospital.

Between October 19 and October 25, there were 54 patients recorded for UHD, which covers Royal Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole hospital. Dorset County Hospital had three such cases and Dorset Healthcare recorded two.

UHD's figure included 20 patients in single day, October 25.

Comparing this new data with the previous week, for the seven days from October 12 to October 18, UHD had 29 new admissions and diagnoses, Dorset County Hospital had three and Dorset Healthcare had two.