A BOURNEMOUTH councillor has offered to make and deliver packed lunches for children over half term after the government voted against a motion to provide free school meals.

Independent councillor Kieron Wilson, who represents Muscliff and Strouden Park, said the lunches will consist of a sandwich, an apple, a packet of crisps, a yoghurt, and a chocolate treat.

He estimates he produce 40 packed lunches a day and able to deliver them in his ward between 9am and 2pm from Monday, October 26, to Friday, October 30.

If there is more demand than he can meet on his own, he plans to find support and he has already been contacted by residents wanting to help.

Discussing his reasons for volunteering in this way, Cllr Wilson told the Daily Echo: "There is a worry that some families could be struggling during this period.

"It is a difficult period in general since March for everyone. There are a lot of vulnerable people in our community and in my ward potentially, so I want to make sure they are okay."

He added: "It is quite a simple argument. There are different reasons why people are in different situations, but at the end of the day it is never the child's fault.

"I have had a lot of contact from members of the community wanting to help, which is a really positive thing.

"I have always known the community I represent is fantastic. They are very vocal when things are going wrong and they very active when things need to be changed. They have shown that again and I think everyone has been inspired by Marcus Rashford, with his real life experience."

Anyone who is in need of the half term support being offered by Cllr Wilson should email him on kieron.wilson@bcpcouncil.gov.uk, with all details kept confidential.