PROSECUTION in the murder trial of Timothy Brehmer warned the jury “don’t be fooled” by the police officer while the defence said his version of events “fits the physical evidence”, a court heard.

Counsels gave their closing speeches at Salisbury Crown Court on October 23 in the trial of Timothy Brehmer, 41, of Hordle, New Forest, accused of strangling lover Claire Parry to death in the Horns Inn pub car park in West Parley on May 9.

Brehmer, a police officer with Dorset Police, admits manslaughter but denies murdering Mrs Parry, 41, of Bournemouth.

Richard Smith QC, prosecuting, said: "Members of the jury, this is the man who was hoping to make things better, even if it required emotional blackmail.

“(Mrs Parry) had her eyes opened about this man who sits in this dock, the womaniser, the tale teller.

"You know what caused her death, you know the mechanics because Dr Jeffery told you. Her neck had been compressed with such significant force, said Dr Jeffery, for such a length of time that she went into cardiac arrest.”

Mr Smith said Brehmer put his arm around Mrs Parry in a fit of rage after she had text Martha about the affair.

He added: “He has the ability to say the words that are untrue but ability to convince people, we know that from the last ten years of his life. We have the confidence you will be sure this man is guilty of murder.

“As long as you come to the conclusion he put his arm around her neck, as he told Mr Stentiford he did, and there was that degree of intent, then there we are, that is murder.

“He lies, we know that. He lies because he needs to hide you from the truth.

“This is a man who has showered misery on all manner of people. He changed what happened. Don't be fooled."

Defending, Joanna Martin, said: “Mr Stentiford's evidence, not only was he not consistent, what he says Timothy Brehmer told him just doesn't make sense.

"Why would he say he was trying to keep Mrs Parry in the car to stop her telling his wife? Why would he say that when we know, Mr Brehmer knew, she had already sent the message to Martha?

"It's no surprise there's injuries to her jaw because her arm is, as he said in his interview, around her neck, and he is trying with all her force to get her out.

"And she, in her part, struggling wildly against him, struggling because she wanted to stay in but also struggling for her life, she was partially stuck underneath him and had no way out, but he has no idea, does he?

"The physical evidence is completely consistent with his version of events.

"That isn't the end of it because it isn't for him to prove, it is for the Crown, and they haven't, have they? They have tripped at the first hurdle.

"He has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, he has done that because he knows he is responsible for her death. That is his culpability.”

The trial continues.