For our safety THANK you for your article on Sopley speeding (Daily Echo, Oct 20), publishing my age was a bonus.

I was 42 when I became involved with the mitigation of traffic problems in our village.

A quarter of a century later and the problems have not been dealt with effectively.

The community accepted the increase of traffic load as inevitable, but we are asking for the sort of provision that urban communities take for granted.

In the 21st century it should not be beyond reasonable to expect our lives to be protected, It should not be dependant upon people dying, or suffering serious injury in order to identify a problem.

Asking for a pavement is not profligate.

Asking for speed control is not rapacious.

Councillor Humby, we have raised these problems over the 25 years with our district and county councillors, we have utilised the support of four of the former and three of the latter, with limited success.

We have had site visits (where hi vis jackets are worn for the safety of the visiting council officers) and subsequent minor works are put in place, promises are made and Sopley is then forgotten.

The problem is that not enough locals are willing to get themselves killed or injured by walking or cycling in the village and neighbouring communities.

I have included a picture of our traffic island which is continually damaged.

The central signpole has long gone.

Our bridge is regularly smashed and years ago, two of our pedestrian protection bollards were uprooted, then collected but never replaced, even a village memorial seat has been destroyed by a passing motorist.

These victims do not count.

Any industry that ignored these risk indicators would be prosecuted.

It is no wonder that some local residents decided that, in the absence of effective management, the abdication of a duty of care, and the dereliction of leadership, mild anarchy might be effective.

Their action has shown that if the residents of Winkton, Sopley and Avon all parked legally on the road outside their houses, then chaos would ensue and Christchurch would be gridlocked.

PHILIP EMMEL Meadow Close, Sopley