I WOULD like to say a big thank you to Yellow Buses and Morebus for all their hard work keeping public transport going, despite the very difficult times we are living in with this Covid virus that’s not just killed people but left many businesses on their knees.

At the beginning of the lockdown, I didn’t use buses because the government told us not to use them unless we had to and I thought I would catch Covid if we used public transport. I think that this was the same for many of us. I used to see so many buses empty and one wondered how they could continue to survive with zilch passengers.

Yet they still continued their services, even though the drivers’ lives could be in danger, and taking a huge loss.

Thanks goodness the government stepped in with financial help furlough and help for local transport.

To my surprise the buses began to look cleaner and more presentable than I’ve seen them which is why as things began to go back to some normality I’ve now begun to use the buses again. They are clean inside, with hand gel you can use coming in and out of the bus. There’s social distancing with only one person on a two seat row unless you are with family.

The drivers are still friendly and helpful and I am now far more confident using the bus than ever I was.

I’m not just saying this but I mean what I say because without local transport, I couldn’t get from to A to B.

At times for our local and national transport companies it must seem like an ongoing battle, with the government now saying there will be possibly more and more chance of another lockdown and telling the general public don’t use public transport unless we have to. But even so, I have more confidence to use our local buses that I’ll be safe to use them.

So, thank you Yellow Buses and Morebus for all you do and what you’ve done to keep passengers safe from Covid.

I believe that all of us should say thank to our local bus companies whom we often take for granted.


Tree Hamlets, Poole