IF YOU look at all the statistics on coronavirus for the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch area, it shows our area as clearly higher than the surrounding areas with over 100 positive cases per 100000.

This is on a par with quite a number of areas that have problems such as parts of South Wales, parts of London and parts of Northern England.

Further, we live close to some hotels in Bournemouth and have noticed, for example, just today that there are five coaches that are all from Northern English areas, all of which have much higher levels of positive cases.

Ok, it may be a bit simplistic, but put the two things together and is it any wonder that our levels of positive cases are high and increasing further?

Surely we should, in these times of pandemic, be restricting travel into our area, especially from areas that have an even higher level of infection.


Grove Road, Bournemouth