MURDER accused police officer Timothy Brehmer described his affair with his nurse lover as “being in a suspended state of your best possible self”, a court has heard.

Defence opened at Salisbury Crown Court on October 20 in the trial of Dorset Police officer Timothy Brehmer, accused of murdering Claire Parry at the Horns Inn pub car park in West Parley on May 9.

Brehmer, 41, of Hordle, New Forest admits killing Mrs Parry, but denies murder.

The defendant claims he accidentally killed Mrs Parry, 41, of Bournemouth, when trying to remove her from his car so he could kill himself after his wife found out about their affair.

And the police constable described the relationship when questioned by defence barrister Joanna Martin.

Brehmer told the court: “Sometimes you wouldn’t see each other in four, five months, sometimes you would twice a week. It was just when stars aligned that made that able to happen.

“We didn’t talk about our family units because we both loved our respective families, she was very proud of her family and I was very proud of mine.

“Being with her was like being in a suspended state of your best possible self. You didn’t have to worry about all the domestic stuff at home.

“It was all of the good things, you didn’t have to worry about your vulnerabilities. We didn’t talk about the bad stuff. It was an affair, it was what you have an affair for.”

Last week, Andrew Parry, the victim’s husband, gave evidence where he stated he had suspicions about the affair and spoke to Brehmer on the phone.

Brehmer told the court he spoke to Mr Parry twice on the phone and Mrs Parry was telling him via text what to say.

“I knew that (Mr Parry) had found out about something, Claire told me everything was fine, it was all under control,” he said.

“It was only the last couple of days it all went bonkers.

“I didn’t know it was all coming apart at the seams as far as their relationship was concerned.

“It suited me (not to tell Martha, his wife). I didn’t want to inadvertently destroy our family, that’s what I’ve done anyway.

“The affair was its own little bubble of niceness.”

The defendant denies murder. The trial continues.