SO Michael Anderson is confused, Brigitte Barnes tells us (Letters, Oct 16).

And her coup de grace point – the liners are temporary, the wind farm is permanent.

In reply I submit Ms Barnes it is you that is missing the point that with these huge liners, as close as one mile off-shore, clearly blotting out large vistas of sea view, no-one has complained.

Everybody has been perfectly happy having a couple of hundred thousand tonnes of steel ship parked within a mile of beaches.

And not just one ship but a dozen and more ships.

These vast ships, close-in offshore, no-one complains and indeed people are going out in launches to view the ships.

Why then should elegant wind turbines, ten miles offshore, ten times further out than the liners, vanishingly small on the horizon, be any problem when these immense liners are no problem?

If people were horrified by the liners blocking sea views, 1,000 times more so than a slim wind turbine, then there would be a case to answer. But, temporary or permanent, everyone is happy with the liners.

People don’t see an “obstruction”, they see a “liner”. It is a perception issue.

Opposers of wind farms need to adjust. See a beneficial wind turbine. But they don’t. It’s new, it’s different, this is Dorset, we don’t want it.

And as for pollution, do do some research. These liners are 24/7 running part of their power systems to run services on board the ships. Not least to light up the ships at night.

Cruise liners are typically running six 20 Mega Watt engines. That is enough power for 12,000 homes. As a fact the 200 world liners generate more carbon and sulphur pollution than all the cars in Europe.

That is why liners are called floating cities. They are the worst CO2 and sulphur mass polluting systems on planet earth.

Even at anchor with one engine running they will be pumping out more pollution than hundreds of cars on our local roads.

We need the wind farm. We don’t need liners.

The world has to rapidly and radically change or there will be no world.


Dean Park Road, Bournemouth