DORSET Police officer Timothy Brehmer said the only person he should have hurt was himself after killing his nurse lover of 11 years, a trial hears.

The fifth day of the murder trail of Brehmer, 41, of Hordle in the New Forest, commenced at Salisbury Crown Court on October 16.

Brehmer, a Dorset Police constable, is accused of murdering nurse Claire Parry at the Horns Inn car park in West Parley on May 9. The defendant denies murder but admits manslaughter.

Mrs Parry, 41, of Bournemouth, died of a brain injury due to compression to the neck after an argument in the car with Brehmer.

Brehmer claims he accidentally killed her when trying to get her out the car so he could kill himself after she text his wife about the affair and he had “lost everything”.

In his police interview the following day which was played in court, a sobbing Brehmer told police: “I never intended, in any way shape or form to hurt Claire, not one bit. The only person I should have hurt yesterday was myself.

“I drove into the car park, I had my window down and I didn’t know what she was going to do, she just said she wanted to meet. My intention was to go and kill myself.

“Not for one second did I ever intend to hurt her, we’d been seeing each other on and off for 11 years, I can’t say I loved her, but I definitely cared for her. Everything has changed recently, it has all gone so wrong.

“I cannot believe she’s dead, I genuinely can’t. She sat in the car, really angry. I understand why she’s angry, I think. I wanted to know what the purpose of the meeting was.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Brehmer told police Mrs Parry wanted his phone so she could look at his “perfect life”.

He claimed she would be “vindictive” every time she read Brehmer say “love you” to his wife.

“I took out the knife and wanted to show her how desperate I was, I stabbed myself in the arm,” he continued.

“All I wanted to do was pull her out the car so I could get in it and kill myself. I did not have the strength to pull her out of the car. So I thought maybe I could push her out.

“She was going out the car and turned away and was on her tummy. I was managing to move her. I was lying across on her, using my legs on the seat to get leverage to push her out.

“I was trying so hard to get her out the car, I had no intention of harming her.

“She was so angry with me, I have never seen her like that before. I wasn’t angry I promise you that, I was just so sad.

“I am a bad person because I had an affair, but I’m not a bad person.”

Dr Amanda Jeffery, who conducted a post mortem on Mrs Parry, said she had haemorrhages in her face consistent with compression to the neck. She said scientific literature suggested it would take around 30 seconds for these to form but she couldn’t confirm.

Brehmer denies murder, the trial continues.