THE new leader of BCP Council has promised there will be “an answer” on how it progresses the controversial active travel measures “within the next 48 hours”.

Speaking at his first Facebook question and answer session since being elected leader at the beginning of the month, councillor Drew Mellor said the council would outline its position on the schemes in the coming days.

He said various approaches to individual measures would be taken, including some being scrapped, but that the decisions were ones that had “listened to the public and ward councillors”.

Cllr Mellor had criticised the previous Unity Alliance administration of “not listening” to the wishes of the public on its active travel measures.

The backlash over many of the schemes was cited by independent councillor Julie Bagwell in her decision to leave the coalition, a move which prompted the vote of no confidence to be called in councillor Vikki Slade and the ensuing change of leadership.

Speaking on Wednesday, Cllr Mellor said he had taken the first two weeks since becoming leader to “get an answer” on how to pursue measures under the government scheme.

“We are going to give ward councillors and residents a more active role in decisions,” he said. “We expect to keep some schemes, modify some schemes and close some schemes and there is very clear work going on there.

“What we wanted to do is pause to really consider and say ‘let’s start listening to people’. That wasn’t done enough by the previous administration and we’re going to do it more.

“We’ve taken the first two weeks to get an answer on those schemes and it is going to be one that’s listened to the public and ward councillors.”

The former cabinet member for transport, Cllr Andy Hadley, had been in discussion with businesses about winter plans for the pedestrianised area at Poole Lower High Street and Quay, including the possibility of opening the roads on week days.

The measures have proven controversial with some.

He said he “hoped” the Conservative administration would “listen and engage” on the scheme and that the other measures would be “properly evaluated” before any decision was taken to scrap them.