A VAN parked in Meyrick Park has been successfully removed by police and bailiffs following resident complaints.

On Saturday, October 10 officers attended the park in Bournemouth to assist with the removal.

This action particularly pleased a resident, who said: "We have our park back as a nice park community space and no vans dotted everywhere. If this happens again I am hoping this will not take another few years to resolve."

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: "At around 10.40pm on Saturday 10 October 2020 officers attended Meyrick Park in Bournemouth following a request from bailiffs who were enforcing a court order in relation to a civil matter.

"Officers were present to prevent a breach of the peace as a woman was removed from her vehicle by bailiffs and the vehicle was removed from the site.

"Officers offered assistance to the woman and provided her a lift to alternative accommodation. No further police action was required."