COUNCILLOR Mike Greene, new BCP portfolio holder for environment, makes clear in the Echo (Oct 11) his continued opposition to an offshore wind farm, anywhere in sight of Bournemouth.

His implacable opposition is based on opposers’ view that an offshore wind farm, ten miles out at sea, will decimate BCP tourist industry.

Why the wind farm, far out at sea, will decimate tourism, no-one has ever explained. Nor is there a shred of evidence that any offshore wind farm, anywhere in the world, has done damage to a local tourist industry.

General public response show there is interest to visit wind farms, or people are generally indifferent.

No recorded cases of tourist hysteria, fleeing a resort with an offshore farm.

As it is now we have large numbers of huge cruise liners all along the Dorset coast.

Many are anchored within a mile or two of beaches. They block out the entire horizon. They could not more “impact” on the scenic view out from the coast.

So perhaps Cllr Green can explain why these huge liners in full-on view of beaches, with engines running putting out pollution, are entirely acceptable, but elegant wind turbines, ten miles out at sea, generating mega watts of clean sustainable energy, will be the end of life as we know it in our conurbation?

On all analysis, on all offshore experience, sustainable offshore power is win, win, win, for everyone. As evidenced by Rampion offshore Brighton, and a dozen more offshore farms around the UK, from beautiful North Wales coast, to Scarborough, to Clacton-on-Sea, to Great Yarmouth.

As evidenced by the tourist and school trip visits out to Rampion wind farm, and current boat trips out to the liners.

And likewise tourist trips out to our wind farm, offshore Dorset, if our government will now, in accord with PM Johnson’s call for mass expansion of offshore wind power, include offshore Dorset for the next round of wind farms.

MICHAEL ANDERSON West Cliff Road, Bournemouth