Fifteen lucky Bournemouth residents have walked away with a share of a mega £430,000 in the last five years thanks to the People's Postcode Lottery. 

All of the lucky winners have managed to bag themselves at least £25,000 each, just by taking part in the subscription lottery draw. 

In the Saturday and Sunday 'Street Prizes' where lucky postcodes are announced, every ticket in that postcode wins £30,000.

With the option to buy multiple tickets you could win up to £90,000. 

The People's Postcode Lottery is a subscription lottery that raises money for charity whilst also giving out cash prizes to subscribers.

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Players who sign up must pay £10 per month and are then automatically entered into every draw and prizes are announced every day of the year. 

Between the 4th July and 7th August the People's Postcode Lottery were running a #30kADay prize draw which meant £30,000 postcode winners were announced daily. 

During the lottery bonanza five lucky Bournemouth neighbours, from the postcode BH1 4QR, managed to each net a £30,000 cheque. 

Upon the video call with People's Postcode Lottery host Danyl Johnson one lucky woman, Gail, was flabbergasted she had won and said: "That is life-changing for us, wow!"

The self-employed dance teacher couldn't wait to share the news with the rest of her family. When asked what she'd do first, she said: "I'm going to phone my girls, my three daughters. And I'm going to go to M&S and get some meal deals!" 

She knew exactly what she was going to spend her winnings on: "My husband is going to have a new car! I'm 60 next year and I'd really like to go back to Florida. And, oh my gosh, this means we can go premium - leg room!"

All of the winning postcodes are: 

BH23 3BG - £25,000 two winning tickets in 2015

BH12 2LL - £25,000 one winning ticket in 2015

BH10 4EE - £25,000 one winning ticket in 2016

BH23 3TN - £30,000 three winning tickets in 2019

BH6 3SW - £30,000 two winning tickets in 2019

BH1 4QR - £30,000 five winning tickets in 2020

BH9 1QJ - £30,000 one winning ticket in 2020

The People's Postcode Lottery is also famous for their £3million postcode draw which gets shared across the number of tickets in the postcode that entered. 

Unfortunately, Bournemouth hasn't had any winners from the millions jackpot just yet. 

Do you know anyone that's won big with the People's Postcode Lottery? Let us know in the comments.